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                                                                                                            Pastor Ron Fritts

                                                          March 27, 2020

                                                      The Church in Exile

                                                           Psalm 126

“When the Lord brought back his exiles to Jerusalem, it was like a dream! We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy. And the other nations said, “What amazing things the Lord has done for them.” Yes, the Lord has done amazing things for us! What joy!

Restore our fortunes, Lord, as streams renew the desert. Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. They weep as they go out to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest.”

This Psalm was written after the Israelites spent 70 years in captivity in Babylon. How long those days of dislocation and alienation must have felt. There was no worship or community fellowship while in captivity in a strange and foreign land. In some real sense, it feels like we are being held captive during this strange and estranged time we are in. BUT it will not last forever. The Lord will bring us back together, and our reunion will be sweet. We will laugh again and sing songs of joy. We will shout that ‘the Lord has done wonderful things for us.’

The verse about going out and sowing seeds in tears referred to a real trial, because the seeds were limited, and some of those people had to choose between eating from the limited supply of seeds, and sowing them in hope of a future harvest. For some of us, continuing to give financial support to the church is like sowing in tears because you fear that your resources will run out. But there is a ‘real world’ promise from God in that he will provide a harvest for us; a harvest of joy, a harvest of love, a harvest of faith verified.

I suspect that some of you are suffering financially right now and that you really have nothing to give. God’s word for you is GRACE. God understands your situation and you can’t give what you don’t have. Yet, some of you can give, and your gifts are needed right now.

This exile won’t last forever. God will restore us as a gathering and rejoicing community. When? It may be a long while, but when it comes, we will say it came at the right time.

Grace and peace to you.

Together in Christ,


P.S. Look for an email tomorrow with instructions on how to watch/listen to my message this week, “In Our Place”

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