Support Us

You can support the ministries of

First Presbyterian Church of Polson

in a number of ways


Members and friends can support the church by pledging to give a certain amount of financial support for the coming year. Making a pledge helps us plan for the future by giving us an idea of how much support we might have for our various ministries. However, we know that circumstances can change, and you can reduce or add to your annual contribution if necessary. Please consider giving as generously as you can during our annual pledge campaign. Pledge cards are mailed out annually and are available throughout the year.

Per Capita

Our church is assessed a set dollar amount for each active member. The per capita fee is paid separately from a member’s pledged contributions. “Per capita” is the tie that binds us to the work of the larger national church, which in turn benefits every congregation and Presbytery in a wide variety of ways. Please make a separate donation to help our church cover each year’s per capita cost.

Periodic or One-Time Gifts

Members and friends also can support the church by giving financial support outside the pledge process. These “non-pledge” contributions are an important source of support for our ministries.

Planned Giving

Another way to support our work is by including a bequest in your will or by allocating retirement accounts, insurance policies, or savings accounts to our church.

How to Give

Check: You can pay by check made out to “First Presbyterian Church of Polson”.


Automatic Transfer: You also can arrange for the transfer of funds directly from your bank account to the church bank account. Please contact our treasurer to make arrangements.

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